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Joan Marangoni

Artist, Art Teacher, Mural Artist

Psychic, Medium, Pet Communicator &

Reiki Practitioner

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2 ways to Connect

There are 2 main aspects to my skill set that this site will bring to life. I have both an Art business and a Metaphysics business. I am both an artist and a healer.

If you are interested in the art source page, please click on Joan’s Art Connect for information about art classes, lessons, parties and mural work.

If you are interested in psychic, medium-ship, pet communication and reiki healing information, please click on Joan’s Heart Connect.

You can find pages for both on Facebook as well.

Please feel free to contact me or post questions about both businesses if you feel the need. For more information on Joan’s Connect, readings and art business, contact Joan at: or her private FB @Joan’s Heart Connect or public FB @Joan’s Art Connect.